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Work Related Stress

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Work Related Stress is a growing problem around the world that affects not only health and well-being but also productivity. Work-related stress arises where work demands of various types and combinations exceed the person’s capacity and capability to cope. Work-related stress can be caused by various events, conflict with co-workers or bosses, constant change, and threats to job security. What one person may perceive as stressful, however, another may view as challenging. Whether a person experiences work-related stress depends on the job, the person’s psychological make-up, and other factors. The signs or symptoms of work-related stress can be physical, psychological and behavioral. Physical symptoms include fatigue, muscular tension, headaches, heart palpitations, sleeping difficulties, gastrointestinal upsets, and dermatological disorders. Psychological symptoms include depression, anxiety, discouragement, irritability, feelings of being overwhelmed and unable to cope and cognitive difficulties. Behavioral symptoms include an increase in sick days or absenteeism, aggression, diminished creativity and initiative, a drop in work performance, problems with interpersonal relationships, mood swings and irritability, lower tolerance of frustration and impatience, disinterest and isolation.

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