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Cost Per Session

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$90 - $150

Cancellation Fee

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Please note that cancellation with less than 24 hours notice will result in a NO SHOW fee of $75 for professional time reserved.

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Dr Megan follows the American Mental Health Counselor Association code of ethics to help guide in her practice. The Code of Ethics addresses payment for services here:
Fee Arrangements, Bartering, and Gifts Mental health counselors are cognizant of cultural norms in relation to fee arrangements, bartering, and gifts. Mental health counselors clearly explain to clients, early in the counseling relationship, all financial arrangements related to counseling. a) In establishing professional counseling fees, mental health counselors take into consideration the financial situation of clients and locality. If the usual fees create undue hardship for the client, the counselor may adjust fees or assist the client to locate comparable, affordable services. b) Mental health counselors usually refrain from accepting goods or services from clients in return for counseling services because such arrangements may create the potential for conflicts, exploitation and distortion of the professional relationship. However, bartering may occur if the client requests it, there is no exploitation, and the cultural implications and other concerns of such practice are discussed with the client and agreed upon in writing. c) Mental health counselors contribute to society by providing pro bono services. d) When accepting gifts, mental health counselors take into consideration the therapeutic relationship, motivation of giving, the counselor’s motivation for receiving or declining, cultural norms, and the value of the gift.

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