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Let's Make Change Happen Together.

Mental Health, Marriage & Family Counseling

Finding the strength to move forward from past or present concerns that have been holding you back takes courage. My practice is a safe place where trust and understanding encourage meaningful and lasting change in your life. You can build a better future with better relationships and a better sense of self. And we’ll build it all together. 

Areas of Expertise

Individual Counseling, Couples & Marital Counseling, Family Therapy, and More

Feeling great shouldn't have to wait.

Together, we’ll discover the simple but powerful truth: no problem is too tough to tackle. When you’re feeling stuck and ready to give up, we’ll set and strive to reach practical and proven goals that motivate you to move forward. My collaborative approach speeds the road to recovery with swift resolution. Because you’ve got a life to live. ​


Create. Guide. Help. Improve.

My mission is to create a professional, safe, compassionate, authentic, and caring environment where I can guide you towards making empowered decisions about your life, help you recognize your strengths and gifts, and discover creative ways for you to overcome the problems holding you back. I will work together with you to improve your happiness, relationships, and life’s success.

Discover an exciting new approach to mental health where you can meet with me from the comfort of your home through telehealth or sit down with me for a face-to-face session. 

Take the first step in creating a new you. Contact me today and let’s begin your counseling journey together.


Contact Me

Dr. Megan is licensed in Florida and New York with offices in three locations. However, through telehealth we can conveniently meet for therapy sessions anywhere in Florida or New York.

1817 Crescent Blvd Orlando, FL 32817
1493 Sorento Circle, West Melbourne, FL 32904
5025 Lake Rd, Williamson, NY 14589

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